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Lighthouse Cash Advanced Overview



Funding Overview & Process

Fund Your Business Faster

MERCHANT DOCUMENTATIONREQUIREMENTS FOR FUNDING (ACH Program): Lighthouse Capital has an easy and streamlined documentation  process:

  1. Purchase and Sale of Future Receivables Agreement 
    • Finova Capital will underwrite customer and present offer, once  approved 
    • Upon customer acceptance of offer, Finova Capital will send  electronic documents directly to customer for signature. 
  1. Merchant Banking Information 
    • Copy of Merchant’s voided business check for auto debit (no  starter checks) 
    • Valid bank letter on bank letterhead dated within prior 90 days.  Must contain branch address and contact phone information for  signer. 
    • 3 months bank statements will be required for all ACH programs 3. Valid U.S. Government issued photo ID with signature. 
    • U.S. Government issued Driver’s License or Passport (unexpired) U.S. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) – Visa or Work
      Authorization cards and ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification  Number) are not acceptable 
  1. Merchant interview 
    • Once all documentation has been received, Finova Capital will  initiate an outbound call to the customer to complete a brief  verification 

Advances that have properly executed documents and a completed merchant  interview prior to 3:00 PM ET, will book for funding that day and the merchant  will receive their funds via ACH directly into their bank account the next business  day. Funds must be deposited into the underwritten bank account. 

Referral partner will receive a funding commission report for each day that an  advance books for one of your customers.

Customer Service for Cash Advance Merchants


All requests and inquiries that a merchant has regarding their cash advance contract should be directed to Finova Capital Customer Care at
• Phone: 551-228-2100 ext. 105
• E-Mail:


Merchants are contacted by Finova from time to time for different reasons. All written communication is typically done through e- mail, so it is very important to obtain an accurate merchant e-mail address up front on the lease agreement.
Welcome Letters – all merchants will receive a Welcome letter through e mail typically the day after the contract is commenced.

Example Welcome Letter

Customer FAQ’s


Q: Who is Finova Capital?

A: Finova Capital is an industry leading financial services provider who has partnered with your merchant processing company, First American Payment Services, to provide lending solutions such as cash advance for their clientele.

Q: Will Finova Capital stack advances or take 2nd or 3rd position?

A: Finova Capital will not stack advances, however we may approve an advance and could require that we pay off the first advance netted from the funding amount.

Q: Are Bank Statements Required?

A: Bank Statements are required if the pay back method with the merchant is ACH, but could be helpful, especially for a large advance request amount and might be requested by credit.

Q: How often will you take payments?

A: Finova Capital will structure the offer to be either daily or weekly with the merchant depending on the credit profile.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my cash advance agreement?

A: To obtain a copy of your agreement, please send a request to and reference your Agreement Number. You will typically receive a response within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends). You should also be able to obtain a copy from the DocuSign email where you received and electronically signed those documents.

Q: I’ve changed bank accounts, who can I contact to update this?

A: To notify  Finova Capital of a change in bank accounts, please contact and request an ACH Change Form. Please  complete, sign, and e-mail the document back to, along with a copy of a voided check or bank  letter and reference your Agreement Number.

Q: What is my remaining balance?

A: Please contact or by phone at (551)228-2100, extension 105 and a representative will be happy to provide that information.

Q. Do you have a portal where I can view my account information?

A: Not currently, but it is in the roadmap for the future.

Q: How much of my revenues will you take?

A: Finova Capital will hold a maximum of 15% of revenues from the merchant monthly. Details of the offer and repayment terms are provided with the offer letter and contracts signed.

Q: How often do I have to pay?

A: Offers will be structured as Daily or Weekly ACH payments directly from merchant.

Q: When will I be eligible for more funds?

A: Once you have paid down the current advance by 70%, you would be eligible for consideration for renewal.

Q: What happens to my cash advance if I sell my business?

A: This cash advance is separate from your processing agreement and your obligation to repay this advance remains in effect until fully paid. Selling your business may accelerate the remaining balance of your advance.

Q: What happens to my cash advance if I change processors?

A: Although your cash advance is separate from your processing agreement, a condition of the cash advance agreements that you are not allowed to change processors until your advance is paid off.

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