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We Can Do it All

  • Lowest Payment Processing Rates
  • Large Payment Technology Selection (POS, Gateways, E-comm, Mobile and more)
  • NO Hidden Fees
  • EMV Compliance
  • NFC payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.)
  • Integrated Processing w Business Software
  • Free Next Day Funding
  • Check Acceptance Services
  • EBT Payments
  • Lighthouse Rates Guaranteed Not to Increase
  • Gift Card Program
  • Zero Cost Processing Program
  • Customer loyalty Programs

All-in-One POS Solutions

Inventory Management

Manage and Maintain full customized menu items with modifiers, combos and multiple pricing options.

Online Ordering

Grab more orders and customers through our online ordering platform directly integrated with OVVL.

Payroll Integration

Direct integration with 10+ Payroll Apps like ADT. Paychex, Gusto, and many more.

Gift Card & Loyalty Cards

Process customized gift cards and customer loyalty bonus points.

Accounting Integration

Direct integration with 20+ Accounting Apps like Quick Books Online, Sage, Tally, and many more.

3rd Party Delivery Apps

Get direct orders from 25+ delivery apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Grub Hub, all straight into OVVL.

Sales Tax Integration

DAVO uses your POS sales data to set aside the amount of sales tax you collect then files and pays your taxes on time and in full. It’s completely automated.

Hassle Free Employment Management

Manage employee’s hours worked and wages along with permissions and tip features.

Lighthouse Gateway

Grow your business with streamlined omni-channel payments. Lighthouse Business Network offers the most intuitive and transparent omni-channel payment gateway on the market. We give you total control over company, customers, and experiences while enabling you to unleash new sources of value in the changing environment.

Collect Checkout

Add your checkout button to collect payments or donations on your website or in emails.

Payments Facilitation

Real-time merchant provisioning and onboarding


EMV Technology Enablement

Provision, deploy and manage hardware without having to be on site

Customer Vault

Securely store tokenized customer details for future use, invoicing, recurring payments or memberships.

Automatic Card Updater

Avoid declined payments and processing delays with up-to-date customer information

Electronic Invoicing

Send invoices right to customer’s inboxes and enable them to submit payments with just a few clicks


Identify and protect questionable transactions with real-time fraud scrubbing


Automate payments workflow with instant transactional notifications

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